Ever find yourself wanting to attend a music event but worried because you’ll be on your own? If it’s an event that you simply cannot miss but none of your friends are able to attend, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity. Thankfully music festivals tend to be a place for a global network of dance music lovers to congregate brought together by their love of the same music.

Not everyone is extroverted so it may take some time to cultivate new relationships. But If you go into it with an open mind, you’ll undoubtedly make new friends even if there are some awkward moments in the beginning.

These are our takeaways for meeting friends and creating the best experience when traveling to a music event.

Use Social Media and Join Online Community Groups

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You can pretty much find anything you need on the internet, and with social media, it’s never impossible to make friends. Visit online forums and join chat groups with people going to the same festival. Reddit, Discord, and Facebook are the most helpful spots for discovering new friends attending the same event. Some Reddit communities that are worth looking at are /r/ElectricDaisyCarnival/r/aves, and /r/festivals.

There are also Facebook groups created specifically for fans of a certain music genre. A fan of Anjunabeats? Make sure to check out Anjuna Family on Facebook!

Share Rides

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If you need to drive to the festival, try and find some new friends to carpool with. This is a great opportunity for a road trip with some new friends! Ask everyone to create a Spotify playlist of their favorite tunes - this is a great way to get to know someone!

You can always go online for ridesharing opportunities. Most festivals now have either an annual Facebook group for the most recent news or a general Facebook page. It's common to find people seeking out rideshares on these pages.

Chat With People in Line

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When you're in line hanging tight to get in, strike up more conversation! Ask who they are most eager to see, who they are with, if they have been before, the weather, about the camping situation… anything!

At that point, introduce yourself! Now you have considerably more familiar faces to recognize inside. Do you see where we're going with this?

Exchange Contact Details to Stay In Touch After the Music Festival

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There is nothing more regrettable than finding a new friend or two that you're vibing with at the festival and lose them without any way of reaching out anymore.

Try not to be reluctant to ask someone for their contact details so you can connect later on.

Sharing Snapchat and Instagram handles are easy ways to stay in contact after the event.

Wear an Outfit That Represents Yourself

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Whether it's a costume, a presentation of your culture, or a creative outfit, wearing something special will catch people's eyes. If your outfit speaks to your vibe, then the people who comment on it will be the very people you’d want to strike up a conversation with. Expressive clothing tells the people around you that you want to make a statement, and it gives them enough reason for a simple friendly exchange.

Sharing and Be Generous

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Offer kind words to everyone you see because there's nothing like an unexpected, authentic compliment. If you compliment others generously, you’re sending out positive energy and that will certainly return to you.

If you have items that can help others, your generosity will be much appreciated and never forgotten.

Dance and Live in The Moment

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Even if you’re by yourself, dance freely like no one is watching. We've found that we meet lots of new friends just by being ourselves on the dance floor. Positivity is contagious. Have an awesome time and others will be magnetized towards you.


Allow yourself to experience things in a way you never thought would be possible. Going solo to a festival, club or gathering could wind up becoming a memorable experience. Who knows - you’ve yet to meet your next best friend and extension of a rave family.

October 27, 2020 — Robbi Avelino

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